CATSAT v6.0 is on its way

CATSAT Team has developed fresh, intuitive, customized software & services with an all-new design.

Improved platform and data 
Most efficient tools to improve your fishing strategy 

  • Target the species you want
  • Track all your FADs
  • Be recommended & supported by worlwide ocean experts

CATSAT goes one step beyond phytoplankton concentration in the trophic chain with zooplankton biomass estimation maps.

Captains will be able to identify with zooplankton maps, potential zones for which small pelagic species shall be attracted, ideal for fisheries targeting small pelagic fish species, such as pelagic trawlers.


CATSAT 6.0 offers 4 different maps of micronekton biomass estimation based in pelagic species vertical behavior in the water column.

In a higher trophic layer than zooplankton, micronekton maps will help Captains identify potential fishing grounds for small pelagic and top predators. 

CATSAT v6.0 comes with the best oceanographic data available in the fishing market, offering Captains the best maps to locate oceanic frontal structures with precision.

Highest Resolution Plankton Maps Available

Best FSLE on the Market

Habitat Maps


SST 20-Year Climate Average

Buoy Tracking and Drift Prediction

Integrated Catch Module