CATSAT is a key decision making oceanography tool for professional fishermen involved with pelagic fish species. Oceanography has never been so user-friendly!


Help fishermen get the most out of their fishing campaigns, by providing very accurate oceanographic data and marine weather information in “near real-time” directly onboard the fishing vessel.

  • Guide for fishing options and strategy
  • Increased security during the operations
  • Save operations, time and money

CATSAT’s high resolution altimetry (SLA) makes it possible to identify eddies and frontal areas between different water masses and ocean structures, where fish are most likely to be

Multi-window function

Current meter function


Multi-criteria filter


CATSAT’s daily high resolution Sea Surface Temperature (SST) maps help fishermen detect areas with temperature ranges preferable to their species of interest.

Profile view


Gradient function


Multi-windows function


Plankton is preyed on by small pelagics that bigger pelagic species prey on. CATSAT provides day-to-day high resolution plankton maps effectively guiding fishermen to large pelagic feeding grounds.

Plankton concentration


Multi-criteria filter


Gradient function


Use CATSAT data to guide your fishing strategies, increase the safety of operations at sea and ensure the long-term viability of the fisheries sector

Wind data


Cyclone tracks and forecasts


Cloud coverage


CATSAT v6.0 is on its way

The CatSat team has developed fresh, intuitive, customized software & services with an all-new
This multiannual project will offer you CATSAT versions with significant improvements.

Below are two example screenshots from the new CatSat 6.0

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