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Akor ehf.

The first priority of AKOR ehf is to offer the company’s customers quality goods at a favourable price. Gauging equipment: AKOR ehf offers a varied and comprehensible product line of gauging equipment like flow meters and tank gauging systems.

AKOR ehf’s most important suppliers are KROHNE in Germany and PSM in England.

KROHNE was established in 1921, has production lines in ten countries and facilities in more than 40 countries today.

PSM has over 30 years’ experience of tank gauging, especially in ships and boats. We’d especially like to point out some of the firm’s most demanding customers, like the British, Australian and Norwegian navies.

The CATSAT Oceanographic information system is an oceanographic information system built on a model of ocean currents and gathering different information from for instance satellites and special buoy gauges drifting on oceans around the world. With CATSAT you can find the right fishing conditions using measurements of height, heat, currents, plankton, winds, etc. CATSAT put great emphasis on the users’ understanding and knowledge. CATSAT has already a proven record within international pelagic fishing, as the system is in global use with outstanding results.

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