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The first priority of AKOR ehf is to offer the company’s customers quality goods at a favourable price.

CATSAT Oceanographic information system is an oceanographic information system built on a model of ocean currents and gathering different information from for instance satellites and special buoy gauges drifting on oceans around the world. With CATSAT you can find the right fishing conditions using measurements of height, heat, currents, plankton, winds, etc. CATSAT put great emphasis on the users’ understanding and knowledge. CATSAT has already a proven record within international pelagic fishing, as the system is in global use with outstanding results.

DOLFIN is a powerful fisheries intelligence service. Using the latest techniques in data mining, artifcial intelligence and Big Data, it is the only service of its kind on the market today.

FISH Web is a user-friendly web portal for fleet managers that provides secured access to fishing fleet information. Much more than a simple VMS visualization tool, FISH Web helps fishermen and shipowners optimize their business.

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