Understand ocean dynamics

Sea Level Anomaly Data

CATSAT’s high resolution altimetry (SLA) makes it possible to identify eddies and frontal areas between different water masses and ocean structures, where fish are most likely to be.
The CATSAT advantage
  • Highest definition altimetry map on the market
  • Movie mode: Observe the water mass movements over time and bring out dynamic eddies
  • 3D visualization: A more intuitive identification of the ocean phenomena
Tools designed to enhance your expertise
  • Find fronts and eddies by combining altimetry data with sea temperature (both surface and sub-surface) and currents with the multi-windows function.
  • Protect your gear by knowing in advance the shearing current at your targeted area thanks to the current meter tool.
  • Highlight favorable fishing areas using the multi-criteria filter which helps you analyze oceanographic data and identifies fishing grounds based on the captain experience
Combined CATSAT with your fishing knowledge
Combined with your fishing knowledge, you will use CATSAT maps to navigate directly to the closest productive and potential areas.

  • Optimize your fishing campaign by quickly identifying favorable fishing areas
  • Increase your efficiency by reducing the operational costs and the environmental impact
  • Understand the ocean dynamics and take the maximum advantage of the information and tools provided by CATSAT